Hans Research & Consultancy (HRC) Ltd is an independent research consultancy that provides research and consultative services to International and Non-Governmental Organizations (I&NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Government Departments and Civil Servants, Institutions of Learning, Local Government, Policy Makers, Banks, Business Institutions, Students, Women, the Youth and Individuals. The consultancy service, including research services as one of the basics for growth and development of national and global political economy. The consultancy intends to capitalize on its success by taking advantage of research focused planned opportunities in Uganda and the globe. Research and Managing Director John Hannsman K and Administrative Consultant – Mr. Nimanya John hold the workforce of the consultancy. Prior to the starting Hans Research and Consultancy, Mr. John Hannsman K co-founded, co-funded and operated Hans Research and Consultancy. He selected a small team with intensive research knowledge, and computer skills, all of whom remained invaluable to the firm.

Our vision

To become a leading qualitative and quantitative research based consultancy on multi-researchable issues.

Our mission

Hans Research & Consultancy Ltd; inspired by research and well informed in research methods, educate and advocate for first hand information on national and international issues such as policy.